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The Peer Support Programme may not provide assistance in the event of an emergency.
For any urgent, time critical or operational issues, please use the following information:

General Emergency 999

Operational Emergency – contact Operations Team 01652 681046

Duty Pilot - contact Operations Team 01652 681046

Personal emergency – contact your Line Manager, Fleet Manager, Chief Pilot or Director of Flight Operations

Director of Flight Operations

Captain Andy Vickers

Mob: 07824 590462


Chief Pilot

Captain Ian Nunnington

Mob: 07500 012676


Fleet Manager (J41)

Captain Andy Coulthard

Mob: 07920 562244


Fleet Manager (Embraer ERJ)

Captain Pete Deehan

Mob: 07799 158000


Fleet Manager (ATR72-212)

Captain Alasdair Dibb

Mob: 07741 246462


Head of Cabin Services

Amanda Clarke

Mob: 07958 877070

Head of Training and Standards

Captain Paul Woord

Mob: 07795 960241

Flight Safety Officer

Captain Ben White

Mob: 07754 402039

Engineering Director

Keith Earnden

Mob: 07741 249253

Airworthiness Support Manager

Scott Dicken

Mob: 07557 970536

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